From Bryan Bouton, President
Charlotte County FEA

Know this…

We are many, they are few.
To fear death is a choice.
…and they can’t hang us all anyway.
(Black Sails – A prequel to the classic Robert Louis Stevenson novel “Treasure Island”)

Sometimes you have to realize, it’s the person who isn’t afraid of getting hurt in a fight who will remain standing in the end
(a quote from my father, when he taught me to fight)

Even when you know the outcome, sometimes you still have to make that stand, and make that charge…and maybe your name will be sung 270 years later
(a quote from Dave Galloway, Pres – Jackson County EA – in reference to a Scottish battle against the British 270 years ago)

Three sayings in three days…the message is not lost on this humble person…

The Opt Out fight must be taken up and will be won by parents and teachers who know that this systematic child abuse in the name of money must stop…

The reality is, we are the only ones who can stop this madness.

Will you have skin in the game?

Will you stand for our students?

The masses