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From Mary Caren Heffner, Treasurer, Charlotte FEA…

Parents and true educators need to be strong.

We must open the curtains, that the bullies are hiding behind, and expose them. We must not be afraid to defend our next generation. There is no excuse, or acceptable reason, not to do so.

Classroom teachers tell so many REAL stories of testing abuse.

The harm is also attached to the adult, who struggles internally, but feels powerless, to effect change for the student he/she loves.

Parents across the nation are also sharing their horror stories of maddening intimidation tactics when they stand up and demand a true and ethical public education, free from corporate strings.

The truth about bullies, whether on the playground, or in the corporate conference room, or inside our public schools, is that the bullying gets worse before it stops.

Education reform bullies and those in powerful positions ‘enforcing’ horrendous laws are desperate to stop parents and educators from knowing the truth.

Well… No longer are we asleep.

The giant awakens…

Remember… We are many, they are few.   

Sleeping Giant Awakening - David Finkle

“Waking the Sleeping Giant” – Cartoon of “Mr.Fitz” by David Lee Finkle shared with permission.

David Lee Finkle is a Volusia County teacher and a cartoonist for the Daytona Beach News-Journal. He was Volusia County’s Teacher of the Year in 2005. He is a vocal critic of high stakes testing and his cartoons have been featured in the Washington Post’s Answer Sheet. One of his most important posts, “A teacher gets depressed: a real story in comics” describes how market-based education reforms have affected teachers and the teaching profession.

We are honored and grateful that David created this cartoon of Mr. Fitz for this specific post.