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Hastings (2)

The Hastings Family from Pasco County – Jasmine, Barbara, Scott and Jordan

From Scott Hastings:

Our Jasmine was a 3rd grader this past school year. She loves school and gives it her all everyday day she attends. Jasmine used to love school until she experienced what is happening to all the children in public schools in Florida and abroad.

Jasmine did great this year with all passing grade’s for all 4 quarters on her report card and she’s at grade level. We just found out this year about the FSA test.  

Never did we think one test would determine if a child should be promoted to the next grade. Well, we got her report card and FSA score and boy, were we SHOCKED! It said, “RETAINED” on a PASSING report card. WOW! Not to mention it said she failed by just 2 points. The same response came from her teachers as well. They both said they were “Very shocked that Jasmine didn’t pass.” 

My wife and I immediately started doing our research about the testing in Florida. We started coming across a LOT of things that are very disturbing. The first thing that came to our minds was, “Why would a child be retained based on ONE test, even though all year long, they have shown passing grades? So we thought “I guess they work all year for nothing?” So let’s say a child does nothing all year and gets F’s on their report card but then passes the FSA, would they be promoted? 

It comes down to this: We find that the test is a complete FRAUD. 

So we were left with these options:

1- We were told that we couldn’t use her class work from all year as a portfolio. 2- We were told that she would need to complete “Their portfolios” – 42 of them, and go to summer camp. (We call it Summer School) and after ALL of that, if she STILL doesn’t meet what they say is “The Standard” then she would need to take yet ANOTHER test called the SAT-10, that they have been FORCING on Jasmine. We REFUSE to do any of the above and definitely NO MORE TESTING.

There is NO reasoning behind the high stake testing. So that’s why we have joined this case “THE FIGHT to make #180dayscount” for all children, who should not have to go through this. Its a shame what they are doing to children now. This fight is for the future of all children to come.