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Meet the courageous families from Hernando County, fighting mandatory Third Grade retention.  We have less than $5,000 to raise!

Show these families that you appreciate their commitment and click here to donate to the legal fund to make #180DaysCount for ALL kids!


The Everett Family – Hailey, Pam (Mom)

“We are here because our school system has failed my honor roll student.
Thanks to Maria Schultz for pointing me to the Opt Out direction.
Hailey is paving the way for her brother who is entering the 3rd grade.”


The Hohman Family – Maddison, Melinda (Mom) & Jason (Dad)

“Maddison has been a proficient honor roll student for every quarter in the 2015-2016 school year. We believe she should be promoted based on her grades for the 180 days of the school year. Hernando County School District would like to retain her due to not having an FSA score. We feel strongly that all students’ records for the 180 days shows whether they are proficient or not. We are apart of this lawsuit because of our beliefs in 180 days work to count more than one test score. We also have a son going into second grade this upcoming school year, who we are hoping will not have to feel the stress or anxiety caused by the FSA.”