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You will be told that there is no opt out. They’re right. There is no provision for opting out in Florida. We do it anyway. And HAVE since 2012.

  • MANY thousands of families have chosen to opt out of Florida’s high stakes standardized testing.
  • Many students DO NOT or HAVE NEVER take the FSA or FCAT and have been or continue to be successfully promoted through graduation, without incident.
  • More students have been harmed by a low FSA score than by having NO FSA score.

When you opt out, you say to your school district and to your state legislature:

I value the professional autonomy, creativity and expertise of my child’s teacher to appropriately assess my child’s learning over what any one test can tell me about what my child needs, on a single day.

If we allow our children to complete these tests, we would be saying, instead, “I consent to what the tests stand for and how they are used.”  Do you consent? 

Testing is the steamroller and data is the fuel. Do the one thing you have the power to do. When you opt out, you deny the data, with which the state reduces your child’s 180 days in school each year to a single test score.

Deny them this data. Tell them with your protest that your child is more than a score.


Click HERE for the current Opt Out Guide.

Additional OPT OUT info and links available at this page:
COMPLETE 2019 Opt Out Guide

Find your own connection to the bigger picture. This IS about your child. But it is not JUST about your child. It is also about our teachers, our schools and our communities. Incessant testing diminishes your child’s love of learning, love of school and turns our teachers into taskmasters. It is mind-numbing drudgery. It is not a measure of learning. It is an attack on learning. It makes kids hate school. It has exacerbated the teacher shortage.

We can stand in defiance for all children, teachers and schools and begin to take them back from those who would destroy public education in order to profit from the forced failures, which have ushered in the privatization of our public schools, in the name of so-called “education reform.”

Any act of civil disobedience may involve risks and potentially unknown consequences. Opting out of standardized tests is no different. We will never guarantee that you will receive no pushback or consequences to your standing up in protest.

We will never promise anything, except this… If you do nothing, nothing will change.