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by Sandy Stenoff

We’re not going to get into the difference between a paper-based test (PBT) and a computer-based test (CBT) here, except to say that if parents have made the decision to opt out, they should know that opting out of one is different from opting out of the other. You’ll need to know which your child will have so you can help your child to opt out successfully. It’s not complicated, but there is a difference.

This schedule will show if your child will have a PBT or a CBT.

Will my child have a Paper-Based Test or a Computer-Based Test?

To understand the difference in how to opt out of one or the other, it’s simple – GO TO THE OPT OUT GUIDE.  It’s all there!

To see how to opt out of a computer-based test, watch with your kids how Sammy does it… fearlessly!