Direct link to our printable, totable, very shareable 2019 Opt Out Pocket Guide

Every year we say that testing is more out of control than ever. And every year, that has been true.

Something has changed this year. We are still seeing many more people than usual knocking on the doors of our local opt out groups. But THIS YEAR, we are seeing so many parents of second graders joining groups to learn how to prepare to opt out of the 3rd grade FSA… next year!

We are inspired and hopeful. Because the more parents who opt out, the more leverage we will have to stop the incessant and unreasonable testing that has eclipsed meaningful assessments and purposeful, joyful learning in OUR classrooms, OUR schools.

If you feel like you’re the only one in your school opting out, chances are that you’re just “the only one you know about” and there are others, if not many others, just like you in your very school. When you opt out, twenty students probably told their parents that your child didn’t take the test. That’s a great start!

You can help spread the word by making copies and sharing with everyone you can.

EVERYWHERE there are kids and parents – you can hand these out!

Make 10 copies and share them – at the playground, little league, soccer practice, karate, the beauty salon, Starbucks, after-school tutoring, PTA meetings… school board meetings, with the principal and teachers, to name a few. If you share them all, print more!

We can do this. One mind at a time.