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by Sandy Stenoff

If parents make the decision to opt out of the FSA, they need to make sure their child knows HOW TO OPT OUT.

It is very important that parents not rely on schools to convey any opt out information to their students. The schools cannot and will not do that. IT IS UP TO THE PARENT.. 

MANY teachers are on our side, but we received this teacher’s plea today:

“One of my colleagues – a 20 year veteran teacher – is having a near meltdown today, sick with worry over the FSA test on Monday. She will be administering a Computer based (CB) FSA Math test on Monday and one of the students in her test group is opting out. There have been no issues at all so far with the student because the tests have been paper-based. The parent notified the school and everything has gone well so far.

So why the panic? Because the student told the teacher that he doesn’t know how to opt out with the CB (computer-based) test. 


=>>As teachers, we can philosophically support Opt Out, but after that our hands are tied. We cannot tell the student the steps to take to opt out. We will not challenge the student. We will not embarrass the student, but we also cannot tell the student the procedure to opt out. 

=>>Somehow, once again, we need to make parents understand that they need to tell their child how to opt out. The teacher is not the enemy here. But the teacher cannot say to the child “login, go to question 1 to start the test, then press end test and close your laptop”. (See what the teacher did there? 😉 )

My friend is fearful that to do that places her job on the line – and not to do that will harm the child and anger the parent.

It’s unfair to children to be sent to school to opt out without making sure they’re prepared to do so and to rely on teachers to stop everything to fulfill parental civil disobedience.

Here’s how YOU can help your child through the process. BEFORE THE TEST.

Watch this 4th grader, Sammy show students how to opt out of Computer Based Test (CBT)
Link: http://bit.ly/OptOutCBT

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