by Sandy Stenoff

When a student opts out of the FSA, they do not get a test score. At all.

If they answer 1-5 questions, they get a “score code” of NR2. It is not a numerical score like the score a student gets for taking the test. The FLDOE says that NR2 means that a student “did not meet attempted ness criteria.”

It says it right here in the FLDOE’s 2019 Understanding FSA Reports – see page 5.

So when you hear from school that opting out will result in a 1 or a 0, tell them:

“No, it doesn’t. The FLDOE (Florida Dept. of Education) even says so.”

This highlighted excerpt is from a parent’s email with the FLDOE explaining NR2 and that it does not get calculated into the school’s grade. Since there is no number value to calculate a school grade, there is none to evaluate a teacher either. 

Here is a link to the complete email thread.

To confirm that there is no actual score, failing or otherwise, let’s take a look at my own child’s actual 6th grade FSA transcript. 

Notice anything? 

Yeah. Me neither. No scores. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. 

Take a look at the categories. If assessments are supposed to provide teachers with information about where my child needs help in the class, the FSA isn’t going to do that. How would any of this information help my child’s teacher to teach her better? 

You can remind your child’s teacher and school that this is just one more reason why parents NEED to opt out of a test that doesn’t help either students OR teachers, and in fact harms both students AND teachers.

It is no kid’s job to protect the adults or the institution to which they are entrusted daily for their own education.

We just want our classrooms back.