Complete 2019 Opt Out Guide

by Sandy Stenoff

#OptOut2019 is here.

Testing begins on April 1 and it is more important than ever to deny the data which fuel the attacks on public schools. Be informed. Be involved. Take action by OPTING OUT.
And spread the word. 

The current legislative session is well under way and the actions of Florida’s legislators (SB7070) promise to escalate the redirection of vital resources away from public schools to private education, lacking public oversight and accountability. For 20 years, our schools have been increasingly starved of the ability to provide our children the free and appropriate, high quality education, which Florida law mandates.

“Education reform” is a cruel game played by legislators and the game is rigged.
>      Tests are pre-determined to fail 30% or more…
=>    Schools are labeled as failing.
=>>  Private entities can then swoop in to save “failing schools.”
=>>>Parents are enticed away with vouchers to private or religious schools, with no public oversight.

It is EACH parent’s duty to investigate and to weigh the harm being done to their child’s education by high stakes testing, computerized and dehumanized curriculum, and to understand that it is THEIR choice, whether or not to allow their child to test, and that doing so provides the data with which to rank, sort and label their children and teachers, harming public education for all.

Click here for the Current Opt Out Guide for Florida.

The information for opting out has not changed significantly from last year to this year. In order to ascertain that you have the most current information, the date of the last update will be indicated at the bottom of this post.

Steps to Opt Out

Refusing a Paper Based Test
Refusing a Computer Based Test
Alternative Assessments – 3rd Grade
Alternative Assessments – 10th Grade
NR2 and NT codes
Emails from FLDOE RE: NR2/NT scores

Test Questions Every Parent Needs To Ask
Third Grade Resources

It’s hard to believe, but there are still parents out there who don’t know that they can opt out of the state tests and other test prep.  Find your local group, connect with your opt out community and let’s keep growing this movement.

Knowledge is power. The more parents are informed, the more powerful we ALL can be! If you find this information helpful, remember that it is most POWERFUL when it’s shared!

If you are new to this movement, you are not alone. Find and join your local opt out group (link below) for information and support, read up and ask questions. Talk to your children’s teachers and talk to other parents. Most of all, TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN – no matter how old or how young they may be – LISTEN to them.

Please FOLLOW and keep checking back on this site for more info to help your kids to opt out successfully and to keep you going strong. There is a LOT of information in the links below. Please take the time to read through. You will find many answers to your questions within.

Thank you for joining us in this fight for kids and our public schools.

IMPORTANT RESOURCES to keep you informed. SHARE.
*  2019 Opt Out Guide
* Sample Opt Out Letters

* Special Third Grade Opt Out Toolbox!
* Opt Out Third Grade 101:
* Navigating Gr 3 Retention Threat:
* Sample Letter Request 3rd Grade Portfolio:
Promotion to Grade 4 Technical Assistance Paper
* FLDOE Technical Assistance Paper Third-Grade Student Progression (Pages 5-7)
* Special Opt Out group for Third Grade here:
* VIDEO How To Opt Out of Computer Test:
* What Does This Bully Letter Really Mean?:

* Statewide Opt Out Discussion Hub: Opt Out Orlando
* Find your local Opt Out group:

Talking about Opting Out with young children
*  8 Yr Old Talks Test Prep
* If I Didn’t Opt Out, I’d Be A Liar

* Why you should opt out of Test Prep:

Much of the push back that you may face from your school, administrator or school district can be challenged by these detailed Fact Sheets from FairTest:
– Federal Law and Regulations on Opting Out Under ESSA (Updated February 2018)
Why You Can Boycott Standardized Tests Without Fear of Federal Penalties to Your School (Updated February 2018)

Remember… if this was easy, it wouldn’t be called a struggle.

Updated March 15, 2019