2016-2017 Opt Out Toolbox


To get to the opt out tools you need, simply click on the item below.

Pocket Opt Out Guide 2016-2017
Complete Opt Out Guide 2016-2017
VIDEO: How to Opt Out of a Computer Test
What Does This Bully Letter Really Mean?
Who Opts Out and Why? – Survey by Teachers College at Columbia University

Third Grade Opt Out Tools

Opt Out Third Grade 101
Blogpost: Statutory Third Grade Portfolio Checklist
Working Document: Third Grade Portfolio Checklist 2016-2017
Document: Third Grade Portfolio Instructions 2016-2017

Navigating the Threat of Third Grade Retention
Special Opt Out group for Third Grade
No FSA score? No problem! My 3rd grader is being promoted and yours can too!

Helping younger kids to understand opting out
It’s going to be Oh-Kaaayyy. Really.
8 Yr Old Talks Test Prep
If I Didn’t Opt Out, I’d Be A Liar

If you or your child are being bullied or threatened with remediation or retention
Keep Calm… And Get It In Writing
Parents, YOU are the Boss… and you can say NO.

Why should you opt out?
“Valuable” Is NOT The Same As “Profitable”
We’re About Reclaiming Our Public Schools, Not Abandoning Them
What Teachers Want To Tell Parents… and Can’t

Connect with your local opt out community for help and support
Find your local Opt Out group

For the most current news on education and testing in Florida
The Opt Out Florida Network

Opt Out Orlando tackles testing, pushes for change 
– West Orange Observer (April 2016)
(Excellent factual coverage)
East County parents sign off on Opt Out movement 
– Your Observer (April 2016)
(Detailed information with links to resources)
Here’s How to Opt Your Kid Out of Florida Standardized Testing – Broward Palm Beach New Times (March 2016)
‘Opting out’ a strong backlash to overzealous standardized testing – Bradenton Herald (March 2016)
More FSA tests could not be scored in 2015 compared to FCAT last year – Orlando Sentinel (Oct 2015)
FCAT reading and third grade: Alert parents to portfolio option, lawmakers say – Orlando Sentinel (April 2014)
Opting out of FCAT is doable, but district discourages it – Baker County Press (March 2013) (See?… This proves that parents have been opting out for years now!)

Reign of Error – By Diane Ravitch – Washington Post review

The Test: Why Our Schools are Obsessed with Standardized Testing–But You Don’t Have to Be – by Anya Kamenetz – NY Times review

The Schools Our Children Deserve- Moving Beyond Traditional Classrooms and “Tougher Standards” – By Alfie Kohn – NY Times review


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