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Thank you to everyone donating to this effort. We are making steady progress. Support is wonderful from parents and educators alike.

Tally: Up to $5,075 and counting!

In the words of Sarasota parent, Paula Drew,

“It is our duty to help! Let’s put our money where our mouth is! If everyone donates a few bucks, we can win this battle, which will have implications for ALL children.”

Support is coming in from all over the country!


Opt Out Manatee’s car wash raised $500!

Manatee kids aren’t being retained, but their community knows this lawsuit has positive implications for ALL children and they’re doing their part to help.

The giving is growing!
Nature Play
The creator of the award-winning documentary “NaturePlay – Take Childhood Back” is offering a Free Screening License with a donation of $300 or more.  Donate to this GoFundMe campaign and then contact them to confirm your screening.  If you have donated $300+, click HERE for Nature Play contact info.

You can organize a community screening
Community screenings of “Nature Play” can be used to create fundraisers for the legal fund!  If you would like to use your Free Screening License as a fundraiser, limitations, rules and regulations apply and are provided by Nature Play.

Opt Out T-Shirt Fundraiser!

OO T Shirt fundraiser

$3 (25%) from each shirt will go to this fund.

To order yours, click HERE.

Are you in Duval County?  Please support this fundraiser!

On July 26, The Yum Yum Tree will donate all net proceeds of the day to this fundraiser!

On July 26, The Yum Yum Tree will donate net profits from 5:00-8:00 PM! 

The regular menu will be available and all profits from 5:00-8:00 PM will be donated to the lawsuit. For more info, you can visit: TheYumYumTree.com and Facebook page.

Educators support this effort!
Teachers have donated their A+ Bonus money.  From Teacher Donna Mace, in Clay County,

“Best place to rid myself of $ “earned” from student test scores!”

Challenge your friends! Every dollar counts! 

Match me!

Share why you are donating to this cause. Challenge your friends to match your gift.

School board members from Hernando, Manatee and Osceola Counties have now contributed to the fund.  Nothing like putting your money where your mouth is to show you understand the issues clearly.

July 19 – Orlando Sentinel:
Schools held back far fewer 3rd-graders in 2015

“School administrators said that without the late-arriving third-grade test scores, they made retention decisions by reviewing class work, local test scores and teacher recommendations. And they decided some students would do best moving onto fourth grade and getting extra help there rather than redoing third grade.”

July 18 – Sarasota Herald Tribune:
3RD GRADE RETENTIONS: Parents readying lawsuit against Ed Dept over testing

“Sarasota attorney Andrea Mogensen is representing Chastain and 13 other parents from Hernando, Seminole, Broward, Orange, St. Lucie and Osceola counties. She said because retention will affect the students in August, she may seek an injunction so they can progress to the fourth grade.

“Because of the time-sensitive nature, the parents have a very small period of time to respond,” Mogensen said. “They found out in mid-June that their child will be retained, which will have an effect in August, so yes, we will seek injunctive relief.””

July 14 – Orlando Sentinel:
Parents raise money to fight Florida’s third-grade retention law

“These “courageous parents” are “demanding that their children be promoted based on the work they did all year long, evidenced by satisfactory report cards or actual portfolios of their children’s work – a more authentic assessment than any single test could possibly be,” the opt out group said.”

July 13 – Tampa Bay Times:
Group seeks support to fight Florida’s third-grade retention law

“If successful, their effort could have widespread effect. Florida’s third-grade retention law has been replicated throughout the country as other states seek to hold schools accountable for student learning.”